Minnesota Vinyl / PVC Coated Steel Siding  - Feel free To Contact Us - There Are Several Steel Siding Contractors in Minnesota Give Royalty Remodelers A Chance To Earn Your Business - We Can Offer You Some Of  The Best Prices On Steel Siding & Installation In Minnesota.
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We At Royalty Remodelers Designed This Page To Inform Our Future Customers On The Advantages Of Installing PVC / Vinyl Steel Siding - Common Questions And Answers Regarding Steel Siding - Steel Siding Styles - And Some Pricing Information Such As Typical Costs Involved With The Installation Of Steel Siding..


PVC coated steel siding is one of the most durable maintenance free siding panels on the market today.

Steel Siding has been used far longer than vinyl products. It is one of the best protective skins you can put on your house and can be manufactured completely from American resources - Unlike the crude oil required for vinyl products.

Steel Siding resists impacts better than most vinyl products, Lays straighter, Smoother, and less likely to buckle under normal expansion and contraction.

As far as all exterior projects our preference is steel. Regardless of the project. Roofing, Siding, or Gutters, Steel would be our #1 choice.


Typical Steel Siding Styles

8" Steel Clapboard

Double 4' Steel

D - 5 Dutch Lap Steel

12" Vertical Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need To Tear Off My Existing Siding?

In Most cases we would say yes. This is dependant on the condition of the existing siding as well as the type of existing siding. For instance we can layover wood siding products if the wood is in good condition and not rotted. Mostly all other types of exterior siding we would not layover.

2. How Does The Cost Of Steel Siding Compare to Other Exterior Siding?

Steel Siding Prices are Comparable to most high end vinyl and cement board products. Steel Siding Costs are less than Cedar Siding. Keep in mind there are several  vinyl siding products that would be half the price of steel. We would not recommend  using less than a .046 Vinyl product.


3. Is Steel Siding Paintable?

Yes, If you choose to change the color of your siding at some point down the road The baked on PVC coating provides an excellent base for quality latex paints.

4. Will PVC Coated Steel Siding Fade?

To some extent everything fades. Most PVC coated siding manufactures offer a lifetime fade resistant warranty. Which allows for a percentage of fade throughout the warranty period.