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     3 tab Shingles  (Below). The 3 tab shingle has a 20 to 25  Year Warranty. It can be found on the majority of homes in almost any neighborhood. Roofing Prices range from $70.00 to $75.00  per square. (1 square of roofing covers 100sq feet or a 10ft by 10ft area)




  The Dimensional Shingle (Below). Ranges from a 30 year warranty to a Lifetime prorated warranty. The 30 year Roofing prices starts at $87.00 per square and the lifetime warranty starts at $120 per square. This shingle also requires a special Ridge cap and starter strip.




Ice and Water Shield (Below) Is a rolled product that is applied to the eaves of the house. Most city codes require this underlayment to extend 2 feet inside the exterior wall. It is used for protection against Ice back up. Prices for this material start off at $55.00 per 1 1/2 square roll. The roll measures 50 ft long by 3 ft wide. It is also recommended for use in valley areas and any penetrations through the roof. 




15 and 30 pound felt or tar paper.  Is a rolled product that is applied to the roof decking after the Ice and Water Shield has been laid. It's purpose is to absorb condensation that forms under the shingles. 15 pound Shinglemate felt is recommended on most roofs because it is fiberglass reinforced and will lay a lot flatter than an organic felt. Price for a 4 sq roll of Shinglemate is $44.00 - price for  organic felt 4 sq roll 15 pound is $24.00.  a 2sq roll of 30 pound (mainly used for cedar shakes or tile) is $24.00 per roll. 


Turtle Vents $10-$13.00 a piece

Ridge Vent $5.00 per foot (This is used in place of regular Turtle vents. It is installed at the peak of the house where you would cut a 1 1/2 - 2 inch strip of wood across both sides of the peak than cover with the ridge vent. It comes in either a roll of plastic mesh which would then be covered by the ridge. or comes in 4 ft sections of plastic which also would be covered by ridge)

Turbines. $60.00 a piece (This is a vent that spins an is made to suck air out of your attic)

Broan Vents.  Small $24.00  Large $36.00. (Used to vent interior fans for bathrooms or range top fans. small ones are for bathroom fans large ones are for range top fans.) There is a flapper inside this vent that opens when the fan is turned on and shuts when fan is turned off.

Plumbing stacks. $22.00 for a led top shallow pitch  and $29.00 for a led top high pitch

Valley Metal. $24.00 for a 18 inch wide $26.00 for a 24 inch wide (Comes in 10 ft long sections)

Drip Edge. $5.50 per 10 ft piece. (This is used on the edge of the roof to keep water away from your fasia board. It extends under your shingles 3 inches than wraps down your fasia board 1 1/2 inches)

Wall Tins. $.50 a piece ( This is a 3x5 inch piece of metal bent in the middle at 90 degree angle and is used to flash areas of the roof that meet a wall or chimney. They are installed one at a time alternating shingle than tin than shingle.)

Counter Flashing. $22.00 per 10 ft piece. (This is used to flash over the top of an exposed wall tin in areas where you would not be able to get a tin underneath the siding. like a stucco wall or brick chimney. The installation of this flashing requires a groove to be cut into the wall about a 1/4 inch deep and 1/8 inch wide) Also called reglet flashing

Nails. 1 inch nails are required for a 3 tab shingle 1 1/4 inch nails are required for a dimensional shingle. $39.00 per box for 1 inch.  $40.00 per box for 1 1/4 inch. Typically 1 box is enough to lay 16 -18 square of shingles. 2 1/2 - 3 inch nails are required for installation of ridge vent $1.00 per pound

Hammer Tack Staples. $7.00 per box ( This Fastener is used to apply Ice and water shield and felt paper only.)

Silicone. $5.50 per tube for the good stuff Geocell is a good brand. (This should be used to divert water and not filling holes in shingles. Uses Include exposed nails, seams in flashings, sealing shingles to metal etc...

*These prices are general prices and may be different depending on where you shop or the brand you choose *

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