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Type of Roof Prices To Tear off Existing Roofing. Cleanup price Included Prices to install Roofing Shingles

(Labor only)

Cost of roofing accessories.

(Labor Only)

Woodwork charges.

( labor only)

1 layer low pitch  roof Price to tear off  Roofing Shingles. $90.00 Per Square Price to install new roofing on a low pitch. $115.00 Per square Price of cutting in turtle vents $30.00 a piece Prices to Remove and replace plywood / O.S.B.  $40.00 per sheet (low pitch 1 story)
2 layer low pitch roof Price to tear off shingles. $110.00 Per Square 2-3 story houses low pitch Roofing Cost $ 115.00 Per Square Price to counter flash chimney $250.00 Low Pitch $350.00 High Pitch Remove and replace plywood / O.S.B  $40.00 per sheet (low pitch 2-3 story)
3 layer low pitch roof Price to tear off shingles $120.00 Per Square Call for shingle prices low pitch installation over 3 stories Pricing for cutting in ridge vent $3.00 Per Linear foot Remove and replace plywood / O.S.B  $60.00 per sheet (High pitch 1 story)
Wood shakes/ shingle Pricing.  Add a price of $50.00 Per Square to tear off wood shakes. (Example 1 layer wood Shakes = ($140.00)

Low Pitch $150.00

Steep Pitch $200.00

counter flashing wall lines / replacing wall tins $4.00 per linear foot

Remove and replace plywood / O.S.B  $70.00 per sheet (High pitch 2-3 story)

1 layer High pitch  roof. Price for tear off. $110.00 Per Square Installation High Pitch. Roofing Cost $125.00 Per square Roofing prices for bay windows $75.00 Per bay Wood fascia and crown molding replacement Prices for 1 story. $4.00 per Linear foot
2 layer High pitch  roof. Price for tear off. $120.00 Per Square 2-3 story houses High pitch pricing.  $135.00 Per Square Roofing prices for returns $75.00 Per return Wood fascia and crown molding replacement. 2-3 story $6.00per Linear foot
3 layer High pitch roof. Price for tear off. $150.00 Per Square Call us for roofing prices on a  High pitch roof over 3 stories Installation of Rolled roofing on houses under 3 stories $100.00 Per square Prices for the replacement of wood soffit and fascia on a 1 story home. $2.00 per square foot
Wood shingle Pricing. Add $50.00 Per Square to the cost. For wood roofing shingles. (Tear off) (Example 1 layer wood Shakes = ($160.00) Install $225.00 Per Square Totally adhered E.P.D.M rubber roofing cost = $120.00 Per square Wood soffit and fascia replacement Prices on a 2-3 story home. $3.00 per square foot
*1 SQUARE EQUALS 100 SQUARE FEET* (above prices include protective tarps, plywood, Clean up, and magnetic lawn sweep) (Shingle prices above include Ice and water shield and tar paper to code) (Rolled Roofing and Rubber roofing prices above may vary depending upon size) (Aluminum Prices may vary but should be similar - Drip edge costs $1.50 per Linear foot)